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Banking One

Banking One is at the forefront of innovation, bringing top-tier technology straight from Silicon Valley to European banks. Inspired by global giants like Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, and Tesla, we’re confident that with the right mindset and a stellar team, we can transform the market and how customers perceive technology. Since 2017, our fintech startup has been reshaping the banking landscape with our AI-driven Predictive Analytics Software. 

Pattern Recognition & AI 

Banking One’s AI is designed to learn on its own, tapping into continuous improvement through machine learning. Using the latest algorithms and statistical analysis, it crafts precise prediction models. As new data flows in, these predictions become even sharper. This means that when you have a meeting, the chances of sealing a deal, based on our models, are much higher. Plus, our AI pinpoints the most valuable traits of your customers with precision:

  • Right customer
  • Right product
  • Right time
  • Right approach

Current customer selection methods

Often, customers are chosen for sales campaigns based on traditional criteria like age, income, wealth, or product usage. Relying solely on these factors can lead to inaccurate predictions about what the customer truly wants or needs. This often results in missed opportunities due to generic, impersonal outreach. What’s needed is a tailored approach that truly understands and caters to individual customer needs.

Why choose Banking One?

1. Focus on the Right Customers: With Banking One, the spotlight is on your customers‘ needs. Our AI-driven analyses use valuable data to pinpoint customer preferences, resulting in a clear lead scoring system. This allows you to concentrate on customers who genuinely resonate with your products. The outcome? Your customers feel understood and valued, leading to much higher appointment and conversion rates.

2. Efficient Use of Sales Resources: Maximize your sales efforts by targeting the right customers. This not only saves significant effort in customer service but also reduces the workload for your team. In fact, with Banking One, you could free up to 20% of advisory time – that’s a whole day’s worth of work!

Harnessing the power of data with Banking One

Banking One’s AI empowers you to tap into and transform a wealth of customer data into tailored banking successes. The richness and variety of this data are key to pinpointing patterns, elevating the accuracy of our analyses and predictions. Our success is built on an anonymized data pool, shared across various institutions and banks. Numerous comparisons to other industry SmartData solutions validate Banking One’s superior approach.

Data Lifecycle

turning data into actionable insights

1. Data collection

Data collection

Data is ideally pulled from the banking system through an interface and sent to Banking One in a pseudonymized manner.

2. Data preparation

Data preparation

All incoming data is standardized. Any potential links to real individuals are permanently removed, ensuring complete data anonymization.

3. Model selection

Model selection

Based on the data at hand, appropriate models are chosen. Data processing then aligns with the bank's specific application scenarios.

4. Training


Using the provided datasets, the models undergo machine learning training.

5. Evaluation


Existing models are assessed for their efficacy. Continuous tweaks and refinements ensure optimal outcomes.

6. Prediction


Banking One's AI scrutinizes and evaluates the data, assigning an individual rating to each dataset.

7. Data delivery

Data delivery

The refined data is accessible in our web application, tailored specifically for your bank. Additionally, results converted into a leadscore can be directly integrated into your core banking system via an interface.

Making sense of data simplified

b1 scores

Banking One precisely predicts your customers‘ potential needs. These predictions are represented as scores from 0 to 99. A higher score indicates a greater chance of sealing a deal. For a quick visual, scores are color-coded.

Effortless data utilization

b1 affinities and filters

For effective campaign management, Banking One evaluates specific categories and presents them as scores. Our software offers a broad spectrum of affinities across various niches. We’re committed to refining our solution based on the feedback and needs of our clients and partner banks.

Easily identify your most promising customers. Our TOP Customers score is your go-to for in-depth consultations, offering invaluable insights tailored to each customer’s primary affinities.

  • General
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Wealth
  • Retirement
  • Liquidity
  • Others
  • Insurance
  • Wealth
  • Retirement
  • Real Estate
  • Liquidity
  • Others

Recognizing significant life events and changes offers an ideal opportunity for comprehensive consultations.

  • Sales Performance Boost: Enhance revenue from existing clientele. 
  • Next Best Action: Smart sales strategies based on precise next purchase predictions. 
  • Assistant Initial Purchase: Expand customer reach in specific need areas or product categories. 
  • Capacity Management: Efficiently manage employee and branch workloads, especially during peak times.


These are just a few examples of how we can provide insights into sales management. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Boost Your Sales Performance

intelligent customer relationship management with Banking One

Our AI is designed to improve continuously, enhancing the precision of predictions. As it processes continuous streams of new data, its accuracy sharpens, making forecasts more specific. This increases the likelihood of sealing a deal during interactions. Banking One’s AI pinpoints which customers are likely interested in specific products and services and when.

Real-World Example

consumer credit

In a three-month campaign, the entire commission for the cooperative bank was generated for Teambank in 2021.

Appointment rate

Conversion rate

2/3 of all deals
were forecasted by b1

Achieved 4 times the commission revenue

Banking One

designed for you

Easily integrate with your current systems or access it as a standalone web app.

Various banks have adopted Banking One to suit their unique needs, be it tailored to their existing infrastructure or utilized via the Banking One web application. Our advanced technology and adaptable features ensure that Banking One aligns with your specific preferences.

Seamless Integration

into your existing core banking system

No matter the software you’re currently using, Banking One can be tailored to enhance it. Easily import data using the Banking One API.

Banking One web app

instant setup, zero hassle

Our user-friendly web app lets you utilize Banking One as an independent application. Beyond integrating it into your existing system, you can fully experience Banking One as a standalone web app. This platform enables you to assess data sets by categories and scores. Adjust your campaign settings via the visual interface and export outcomes in multiple formats for further processing. Setting up your next sales campaign has never been quicker.